As Indian industry looks to emerge from the travails of the Covid-19 disruption, it is a time for hope and caution. Any end to the pandemic will perhaps see the emergence of new thought and action – business models, concepts of work; and most importantly, the convergence of technology with human capital to create a Digital Core.

Today, Business Leaders and CIO’s must operate at the same pace as the front end of the business, shifting their focus from traditional technology management to projects that steer the business towards growth and make it ready for the future. Technology is no longer a choice; it is a fundamental business strategy that must be interwoven with wider operative initiatives. This urgent need is causing a fresh wave of challenges to overwhelm IT leaders, however. More business applications, more connected devices, and higher expectations are permanently modifying their role.


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Key Discussion Points

Leadership in Action: How CEOs can lead in the ‘new normal’

Technology, Productivity and the crafting of the organization's DIGITAL CORE

Rebooting Growth through a Digital Native Appraoch to Innovation and Operationg Models

Diving New Business Models and Crafting Rich and Immersive Customer Experiences

Powering Innovation, Collaboration and Growth through systematic Transformation @ Scale

Why Attend?

Business Dialogues

Immersive discussions with industry leaders

Technology Dialogues

Bringing ‘Tech’ into business strategy with IT leaders

Innovation Dialogues

Making it happen! How Tech players are creating innovative solutions to help enterprises deliver value at scale

Experience Zone

Show and Tell’ booth

Networking Lounge

One-on-One Chats with Solution Experts

Examine Pressing Issues


Utilizing technology to improve collaboration and steer organization towards a high degree of resilience


Crafting cision and strategy by embedding technology and human capital at its core


Benefits of decomposing existing value-chains to enable enterprise-wise transformation with technology at its core


Recent case studies that demonstrate creation of disproportionate value through rapid innovation


Lessons that stories of eminent leaders from public life hold & learnings that can be drawn to help reboot Indian industry in the post-pandemic world


How can Board Leaders skill and equip themselves and their teams in an age of information overload

Who Should Attend

CEOs, CFOs, CMOs and CHROs

CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, IT Directors, VPs of IT

CDOs, Data Scientists, Data Architects

IT Managers, Data Center Managers, Facilities Managers

Logistics and Supply Chain Heads, Manufacturing and Production Heads

Engineering, R&D and New Product Design Heads


Aman Thareja

Director Sales - Commercial & Enterprise

Arijit Basu

HDB Financial Services

Asheet Makhija

Head - Global Delivery & Service Excellence

Chandra Kishore Prasad

Executive Director

B Ganesh Shenoy

MTR Foods

Manish Gulati

Director - Corporate Sales
Dell Technologies

Mukul Singhal

Head - Digital and CIO Function

Ritu Gupta

Director - Marketing
Dell Technologies

Rupesh Gupta

Director and Region Head - Data Centre Solutions, North & West
Dell Technologies

Santanu Ganguly


Sonam Wangchuk

Eminent Innovator and Environmentalist
Dell Technologies, India

Soumyadip Chakraborty

Head - Digital Transformation
Vikram Solar

Udit Bhatia

India Learning Leader


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    Platform orientation, Emcee Welcome and general walkthrough
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    "In many ways – the question that is paramount is; how should the efficacy of leadership and vision be maximized in the face of uncertainty and complexities?

    Confronting this unique moment, organizations and leaders have radically changed how they lead in expedient and ingenious ways. The changes may have been birthed of necessity, but they have great potential beyond this crisis. How should leaders prepare for increased resurgence, value innovation and acceleration of change?

    Interestingly, the answer perhaps lies in – TECHNOLOGY and the potential it offers when converged intelligently with HUMAN CAPITAL. How should organizations develop a digital-first business model to gain competitive advantage and fundamentally transform how they deliver value to customers?

    Emergent technologies such as automation, AI/ML, process automation, AR/VR and many more are constantly evolving – and offer more ground-breaking application areas that will increasingly be implemented throughout the entire value chain. Against this background, organizations need to fundamentally rethink their organizational setup and embed digital in their DNA in order to remain competitive and reap the benefits of emerging technological opportunities.

    Enter Dell Technologies – with their portfolio of innovative solutions that aim to enable Indian industry to forge more resilient and confident journeys ahead into the future. How is Dell working with organizations (Large Enterprises and the mid-market segment) to assist with the resurgence and revival; while simultaneously accelerating the Rate of Innovation and Value orientation."
  • + 10:15 AM

    Disruption Decoded

    "It is a time of caution and uncertainty – but also one of immense hope!

    Unlocking success and accelerating growth are the keywords to the Enterprises of the future. The task ahead for business leaders and LoB captains is to reset for growth beyond disruption. In this – reenergizing the organization for the long run is an imperative.

    How do today’s leaders plan to approach the task of actively managing workforce energy, cultivate the quality of employee relationships and demonstrate a capacity for resilience to recharge their organizations towards growth and success?

    How are business and LoB leaders viewing this time? What are their renewed priorities to placing their enterprises firmly on the path to revival, progress and acceleration? What will it take to thrive in the new Digital Economy?

    What will 100% resilience look like and is it achievable? As we rely ever more on technology and non-human aspects to support our life-styles, the responsibility is moving from humans to technology. Industry is facing a period of rapid change with various emerging technologies, especially artificial intelligence and machine learning, expected to fundamentally change the structure of organizations and society. How might these developments impact future business continuity strategies?"
  • + 10:45 AM

    The War Room Diaries

    If Executive Leaders have refashioned vision and strategy to combat disruption and drive agility and competitiveness – how should IT leaders make this a reality with the judicious use of technology – without compromising employee experience and security?

    Technology will continue to play an ever-more important role in supporting business continuity administration, development and structure; increasing the accuracy and accessibility of data, information management, and enhancing workforce productivity. For business continuity, the end vision is a fully resilient environment which means that things don’t fail and, if they do, they are resolved immediately with no loss of service - with TECHNOLOGY @ CORE
  • + 11:15 AM

    Profiles in Success

    Why we did it and how – Customer Success Story
  • + 11:30 AM

    The Innovation Diaries

    It is widely accepted that Innovation is a primary source of competitive advantage for companies in essentially all industries and environments and drives efficiency, productivity, and differentiation to fill a higher variety of needs. Industry today needs a productivity boost from innovation and new frontier technologies to support growth.

    How are technology innovators helping companies in introducing new ways of working to large numbers of employees, with the goal of producing a step-change, sustainable boost in business results. How will new-age technologies such as Hybrid Cloud architectures, Data capital and cyber-resilience help organizations navigate complex journeys to resilience and the ability to combat disruption?

    How do Dell, MS, Intel and VMWare help enterprises address the most difficult part of transforming performance – NOT determining what to do but rather - How to do it.
  • + 12:00 PM

    Leadership in Focus

  • + 12:30 PM

    Booth + Networking